Bed & Breakfast Home

Well, the ground hog did not see his shadow, so a mild winter just got shorter! The good news : you can travel about easily and reach the activities you wish to do without a hitch or slip! A nice time to snowshoe up a mountain or hike a trail…also lounging by a fire either at the Ashburn House or a fireside in the area….hmmm…? Do you feel romance in the air….or valentine’s tugging on your sleeves?? Maybe now is the time for that special trip…..

Fitzwilliam Covey House now open for shopping. Shopping in the area is a boutique experience, unhurried, uncrowded, filled with surprises…  Respite seeker, lover, athlete, reader…there is something for all here… So many delicious restaurants to visit, the Stage (recently remodeled),Sunflowers, Piedra Fina ( Latin), the Pearl, Nicola’s, Lucas, plus music and outdoor venue down the road from the Ashburn House in Fitzwilliam… visit Cathedral of the Pines..10 min from the village……spend a night or the weekend at the Ashburn House and enjoy a New England experience!

Numerous cultural events occur: check the following websites

Colonial Theater: :

Peterborough Players: productions and streaming programs:

Organic lovers: visit the Monadnock Co-op in Keene for local farmer’s produce or Tracie’s Farm here in Fitzwilliam.

Escape to the country and stay at the Ashburn House where the pace is the one you set!